Jeremy Davenport Opens Up About Life… And All That Jazz


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Jeremy Davenport is vital to the music scene in New Orleans.  People love to see him perform at The Ritz-Carlton on Canal Street.  But how well do you know the man behind the trumpet?  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini gets Jeremy Davenport to open up about his life, dreams and accomplishments.

He’s the prince of New Orleans Jazz.  Jeremy Davenport is celebrated and accomplished.

“I’m constantly chasing a dream but I’ve had so many incredible experiences.  I’ve played for the Queen of England, I’ve been on tons of TV shows, including ABC 26,” says Davenport.

Davenport is the headline entertainer at The Ritz-Carlton.  Four nights a week, the Davenport Lounge is filled with the singer and trumpeter’s timeless sound.  Even at the top of his game, the musician’s work is never done.

“I’ve spent so much time playing LIVE and developing my LIVE show that I don’t love any of my recordings and someday I want to be able to listen to something and be like, that’s nice,” says Davenport.

He’s been surrounded by music since he was in diapers.

“I’d pick up my dad’s trombone and my arms were super short so I couldn’t play it, but he just left the slide locked so I could get out some notes,” says Davenport.

Then his father gave him his own trumpet and the rest is history.

“This is actually the first trumpet he ever bought me.  I’m still trying to figure out how to play it,” Davenport laughs.

All this time later, that one trumpet has been by his side, through the highs and lows of his career.

“It’s probably totally irresponsible but I have one horn.  So if you went cuckoo today and grabbed my horn and split, I’d be in trouble tonight because I don’t have a backup horn.”

Davenport’s trumpet has become an extension of himself.

“Brass doesn’t react well to the acidity of your skin so it’s definitely become a piece of my body.  It’s a piece of brass and its cold to the touch.  At certain times, putting a piece of cold metal to your mouth to make a sweet pretty sound is a tough task,” Davenport says.

While we see him as a master of his art, Davenport is much more modest.  Trumpeters Leroy Jones and Nicholas Payton are two of his heroes.

“There’s a moment where you have to look at yourself in the mirror and just be like, you have to celebrate who you are, because you’ll never be as good as, I mean I’ll never be able to play a trumpet like Nicholas Payton, but I have to figure out what I can do that he can’t do,” says Davenport.

And what Jeremy Davenport does, he does well.

Jeremy Davenport performs at The Ritz-Carlton Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-9:30pm and Friday and Saturday from 9pm-1am.
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