Jeremy Davenport returns to bring traditional jazz sounds to Jazz Fest


Jeremy Davenport brings his traditional jazz sounds to the New Orleans Ritz-Carlton’s Davenport Lounge weekly, entertaining visitors with his impressive trumpet and vocals. After years of immersing himself in jazz, Davenport makes his 25th consecutive return performance to the New Orleans Jazz Festival on Saturday, April 26.

Miles Davis sparked Davenport’s interest at a young age, and from there he listened to any great trumpeter he could, from Dizzy Gillespie to Louis Armstrong. After meeting Harry Connick, Jr. in New York City, he was convinced to move to New Orleans, where Connick hired him as part of his band.

“He’s super talented and took a chance for me,” reflected Davenport. “I was the youngest guy in his band and I was working with guys who were twice my age, and so it was a new experience. You can’t buy that, just to be surrounded by gifted talented musicians, and obviously Harry had a huge impact on me and what I envisioned myself doing in the future. I’ll always always owe him for that.”

Davenport now writes a lot of his own music, drawing from classic inspirations.

“I always loved the American Songbook type stuff- Gershwin, Cole Porter, the great classic American songwriters,” explained Davenport. “I feel like no one writes songs like that anymore and I wanted to write within that theme, that sentiment, that genre, and so that’s what I tried to do is dig in that style of writing.”

But at the same time, Davenport has no desire to merely be a tribute to the greats.

“I never wanted to put on a zoot suit and be a throwback…I love technology, I like modern and I like classic, so for me I don’t want to just live in a vacuum and act like other stuff doesn’t exist, I want it to be relevant and modern but I still want it to express myself in that stye,” said Davenport.

Jeremy Davenport and his support band have been working together for several years, and will bring a mix of classic jazz songs and his new originals to the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He’s currently working on a new album featuring a string orchestra and is unsure of the release date as of this moment.

Jeremy Davenport
Jazz Fest Performance: Saturday, April 26, 2014
Genre: Jazz
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